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“My passion is producing books true to the language of my heart. I created A-Team Press to connect other writers and dreamers with the resources I discovered to bring my books to life.”


Amy Liz Harrison, Bestselling Author, Founder & CEO, A-Team Press

Founded by a Bestselling Author for Other Independent Creators

A-Team Press was founded by bestselling author Amy Liz Harrison in 2022. Harrison's first book, "Eternally Expecting: A Mom of Eight Gets Sober and Gives Birth to a Whole New Life...Her Own," was published in 2021.

The memoir, detailing Harrison's journey from alcoholism to recovery, demanded she remained true to herself and her voice. However, she struggled to find talented individuals who supported her vision for the work. She ultimately produced a bestselling book and made many personal and professional connections along the way.

In the spirit of eternally evolving, Harrison immediately began work on her second book, "Eternally Awkward: A Future Mom of Eight Reflects on Mysteries of Anxiety, ADHD and Coming of Age in the 80s." She gathered the most talented team members she met while creating her first book, and discovered amazing new people with a variety of skills, and thus, the A-Team Press was born.

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